“Oh, my God, I just love that polish, it has to be mine!” Mmm, I am pretty sure you girls must have exclaimed that while seeing nail polish blogs like a thousand times, but unless you jot it down, chances are you will forget about it, won’t you? There are way too many beautiful polishes to remember them all in our heads. So that’s why wishlists exist on our blogs, to remember what we saw somewhere and would really like to have, to let our loved ones know what to get us for Christmas instead of a horrible black shirt (ugh, still have nightmares about that) and to let other bloggers know what we would be interested in swatching.

So here’s my list of Nail Polish I’d love to have, by brands:

  • Joe Fresh
    • Peacock
    • Midas
  • Nicole by OPI
    • Positive Energy
    • Not A Gold Bigger
  • China Glaze
    • OMG (OMG Collection) – Silver
    • BFF (OMG Collection) – Pink
    • IDK (OMG Collection) – Purple
    • Octagon Wild (holographic)
    • Tickle My Triangle (holographic)


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