Koloralia Nail Art is a bilingual blog about Nail Polish and everything that surrounds it: Nail Art, Stamping, Konading, etc. It is written primarily by Kialaya, a thirty-ish journalist-community manager living and working in Malaga, Spain, although collaborators are expected to join the blog in the near future (we’ll keep you posted about that).

Comments: All comments are moderated and have to be approved before you can see them. So if you send yours and it takes a little while to go online, please be patient, we have a life we have to deal with also. ;-) We will normally accept all comments, critique is quite welcome also, but we will delete spam, swear words, offensive comments or comments that are clearly only for publicity purposes. If you don’t like our blog, the door is right there, you are free to leave, there is no need for flame wars and hate mail. Each comment author is the only person responsible for their comments, please bare in mind that you are not as anonymous on the internet as you would think, comments are attached to ip addresses that can be located and tracked back to the real person that left the comment.

Blog is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox, because that is what we see it on as we modify it.


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