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This is just the typical post where I welcome you to my blog and tell you about what this is all about. My nick is Kialaya by the way and I’ve been around the blogosphere for years now with my personal blog but 6 months ago I was trapped by a new hobby: polish stamping or konading as it’s usually called. Click on Read More to keep reading!…

I have always loved nail polish, as a teen I already painted my nails. Of course, at first since I had no idea what I was doing and knew nothing about how to correctly do a manicure with base coat, my nails went yellow pretty fast. Ughh. Had to stop painting them for quite a long time before they recovered. I used to paint my nails in high school and at university while I was studying since it’s one way to insure you have your hands still and focus on the book in front of you. Later on, what with jobs, the master and living abroad, I just really had no time for it. This past summer however I rediscovered my old hobby, got out my old polish covered in dust and discovered nail stamping with the Konad system. It’s a system that uses metal plates and a stamper to create these incredible designs on your nails without having to know anything about painting (which by the way, I am really bad at. Tried freehand nail painting and it was a fiasco). So there I was devouring everything there was to know about it and I shared this with some friends and they became addicted too!

So what do you do with an addiction? Well, enjoy it of course, and share it! ;-) So that’s why this blog is born. To share all my nail designs with the growing community of polish addicts as well as all the information I have gathered about it. And of course, to keep a handy database of designs so that I can recreate them again when I want. I am hoping that in the near future I will have some collaborators in this blog, friends that as I said I seem to have captivated into this world. We all live in Malaga, Spain, so that’s why the blog is written in Spanish but also has a translation in English since I am bilingual and would like to share with the international community also.

And yes, I think that’s about it for now ladies, sit down, relax and welcome to Koloralia NailArt, I really hope you will enjoy how we mix colours on nails around here.

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